Wedding Invitation Color Schemes – Ideas For the Perfect Invitations For Your Wedding

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding invitations is very important. Your wedding invitations are the first glimpse your guests get from your wedding day theme. Your color scheme should also reflect you and your partner's personality.

Cream and Gold

Gold foil perfectly complements cream hammer cards. The cream and gold together create a warmth for your wedding invitations. Maybe use gold ribbons to add something extra to the design. Combine with a deep rich red for fall wedding.

White and Silver

White and silver create an elegant feel for your wedding invitations. For a simple design, choose an invitation for postcard style and get your wedding details printed in raised silver color. White and silver also make a great combination for winter weddings. Choose a design like snowflake design printed in silver. White and silver can also be combined with black to great effect.

Purple and Lime Green

Purple and lime green creates a powerful color contrast. The purple adds an element of luxury, think royal purple, while the lime green adds a touch of zest. This color combination is for couples who like a little drama and who are not afraid to be different.

Red and Mint Green

Red and mint green are strong contrasting colors. But because of the softness of the coin and the red colors (love, romance), these colors combine a romantic feel for your wedding letter. This is also a good color combination for 1950s or vintage inspired weddings.

Pink and White

Pink and white create a soft romantic feel. Perhaps you have a photo of pink roses printed on a bright white wedding invitation with your names on the front of the design in silver foil.

black & White

Black and white wedding invitations have a timeless feel. Maybe you have a photo of yourself printed on the front of your black and white invitations. For an elegant feel, choose a simple white invitation with an embossed edge. Combine this with your wedding details printed in black black color.

Chocolate and cream

A neutral combination that can compliment many other colors, especially pastel colors. A great combination for wedding letters at your wedding reception, where you may not be able to control the color of the decor as curtains and wallpaper.