Windows Disk Defragmenter Is Useless: Here's Why

Most people are familiar with the Windows Defragmenter, it has been around since Windows 95 came out. And that is about as good as the technology gets when it comes to the Windows Defragmenter tool, it is old hat. Why is it useless?

1. It is slow. As hard disks today span over the terrabyte limit, there is a lot more fragmentation, although the Windows file system has improved something, it still does need to be defragged. And because these hard disks are so big, the technology use to defrag them takes for ever, that, many people today neglect the maintaining the performance of their PC. You could say this creates jobs for PC technicians, but the end user is losing out on something that they could fix themselves.

2. It does not finish the job. I have tried numerous times to fix a fragmented had disk using the Windows Defragmenter tool and guess what? Nine times out of ten the windows tool still leaves fragmented files around the place, informing that "a percentage files could not be moved". For a utility that was made by the creators of Windows, you would think they could do better than that.

So, if the Windows Defragmenter tool is useless, how can we defrag our hard disks? Luckily, there are various other companies that have come up with alternatives. A popular and free utility that works ten times better than the windows utility is Auslogics Disk Defrag. It is more efficient, effective, can defrag in the background when you are not using your PC and of course, free. Go check it out!