What Is Inteligator And Who Is It For?

Inteligator is an online database that has access to a huge amount of private and public records. It has several different ways to perform a number of different types of background checks on a person, business, phone number, etc. It is intended more for professionals who will end up using it several times a month or more.

It has many different types of search criteria and each one is designed to obtain information on various topics.

Here Are Some Searches That You Can Perform:

  • A Background Check: An Inteligator background check will give you specifics on a person's name, age, address, phone number, marital status, etc.
  • State Criminal Records Check: This search will show any prior convictions that he or she has had in the past. It will include information such as their name, arrest date, how they pleaded, their sentence date, what agengy arrested them and why they were arrested.
  • Business Search Records: This is a tool that allows you to search by a company's name, the owner of the company or the company's telephone number. The results will provide not only the businesses location and contact information, but how many employees it employs and the annual earnings for the company as well.
  • Neighborhood Check: This search is done by providing a zipcode for the area that you want to know about. It will give you specific demographics of the location including: population, how many square miles of land and water are in the region and more. Another statistic it gives you is the type of industry that the majority of the population work in, how many people are unemployed, married, single, etc. It also gives you several graphs and charts on the crime rate and what types of crimes are reported in the specified area.
  • Reverse Zipcode Search: This is a basic search tool that gives you an idea of ​​what state, county and city a particular zipcode resides in. There is also a map that you can view to get a better idea of ​​where exactly the location is.
  • Vital Records: This search yields various marriage certificates, divorce records, birth records and death records.
  • Sex Offenders: This search will show you a person's name, location and offense if he or she was involved in a sexual related crime.

Inteligator is a handy tool that employers, parents and professionals can benefit from. It is an all in one type of service that gives the user access to a variety of unique search options.