Trophies and Awards

Today one may find a wide variety of trophies and awards for almost any occasion standard, custom or tailor made to your liking. Gone are the days of the larger traditional classic gold and silver trophy rewards typically seen in the historical cup or figurine styles. For people of all ages and backgrounds, fun, exciting and personalized rewards can be found at great value, as many are commonly manufactured from resin, molds, plastic and other cost effective materials.

Amazingly, these awards are often indistinguishable from the more valuable ones, as the sophisticated use of these materials may be used to mimic the appearance and feel of the those more costly. Children in particular love the smaller forms of sports trophies that may feature either standing or spinning soccer balls, footballs and golf balls, to name a few. Other wonderful rewards for kids are resin based bobble heads, key chains, pins and insert medals that are often presented as dance and sports awards.

For corporate and other non-sport category awards and trophies, such as the academic and artistic fields, acrylic award plaques and trophies with lucite backgrounds serve beautifully and effectively, again at a great value. Of course, great trophies and their making is an art form not to be minimalized. We continue to appreciate the skill and artist in the making for example of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trophy award.

This clay and plaster mold based trophy takes an estimate of six to seven hours to design in its entity. With each metal piece crafted one at a time, and bathed in four different metals including copper nickel and silver, the award is finished in a satin coat and stands fifteen inches high. We can look to such models as higher templates to draw and recreate from much the way high fashion is used as a model to replicate for the common use of the everyday wearer.