Tracking Cell Phone Location For Free

If you are harboring thoughts on tracking cell phone location then you may be able to get the data that you want for free; without incurring unnecessary costs on your part. There are several reverse cellphone lookup services online that offer to give you free searches; in most cases, the result will generate the name of the State where the owner of an unregistered mobile number is possibly located.

However, that is the only data that you will get when tracking cell phone location for free. If you want to gain access to the full details of the subscriber, such as the name and other personal information, then you are required to upgrade to their premium services for a certain amount.

Once payment from your end is received and your account is upgraded to its premium form, you can enjoy full access to their online facility where you can obtain more personal data of the subscriber. Aside from the legal full name, you can also retrieve relevant information such as present and previous address, employment history, list of properties owned or mortgaged, and other forms of contact like email address and land-line telephone number.

Depending on the plan that you subscribed, you may even gain full entry to other more personal profile of the individual; such as criminal records, warrants of arrests, history of sexual abuse and harassment, felony charges, jail records, civil records, and court cases among many others. Here, you are actually conducting background check on people using the number of his mobile unit; away from tracking cell phone location.

However, if all you want to know is the name of the place where the owner of an unregistered number is possibly located, then you can use the aforesaid free option offered online. But what is the use of getting this data alone without even knowing the basic personal profile of the individual; such as the full name and present full address. It would be highly ideal to get at least this basic data; and one way of retrieving such information is to upgrade to the premium service for a minimal amount.

In any case, it all depends on the main purpose on why you are harboring thoughts on tracking cell phone location on the first place; at least at this point you already know your options based on the kind of data that you want to get.