Stage Backdrops – What is the Purpose?

Have you ever been to a stage play? If so, then you probably know what backdrops look like. They are actually backgrounds that appear on stage. A stage background is typically used to create a lively environment for a theatrical or other similar type of production. Finding the right background is often a challenge. Depending on what the play is about, a good background might be hard to find. Figuring out how to put together a good-looking show takes time. You have to select an appropriate stage backdrop that can help create the right mood and setting for whatever is happening on the stage.

Sometimes cost is a major stumbling block. A production on a fairly limited budget may not have the means to purchase a background. It is not unusual for stage backgrounds to be created using readily accessible materials. However, for productions that have a sizable budget, obtaining a professionally designed and created stage background is a preferred option.

Stage backgrounds are often hung high above the stage. They are placed in a way that allows the stage crew to swap other scenery and props. In some cases, more than one backdrop may appear on stage during certain scenes. However, this too is determined by what kind of budget the production has available. If there is not a lot of money to work with, odds are you will not have multiple backdrops being used.

Another instance in which stage backdrops are often used is for group photographs. For example, assume for a moment that you participate on a school dance team. You may find yourself posing for a group photo while standing in front of a scenic background. This not only provides a consistent background for the photo, but it also provides a professional touch.

As you can see, there are different reasons for using a backdrop. You can purchase one online, rent it or make it from scratch. The choice is yours. Do whatever is best for your situation.