Springtime Is Here!

Yes, that time of year is here once again! The flowers are starting to bloom and the weather is beginning to warm up. It's also around this time of year that most of us start working on spring cleaning and new decorating ideas. It's time to go out with the old and in with the new.

Many of us will no doubt be doing some painting to go along with our spring cleaning spree. Bold and dramatic colors are in vogue this spring. Complimentary colors that you'll find in nature can enhance the look and feel of certain rooms in your home. Colors such as soft greens, blues, whites, and tans create a warm and inviting atmosphere. While an accent wall with a color like deep red can create a more modern, edgy and enthusiastic feel.

Add in some plants and artwork and voila! But wait, not so fast. One recent trend we have not mentioned that is definitely on the rise is vinyl wall art. Vinyl wall art allows great room for self expression and individuality and is limited only by your imagination. This trend has grown in popularity over the past few years and now being viewed as works of art, is often here to stay.

Vinyl wall art can be used to accent just about any room or theme in the home and at a price that will not break the bank. It gives the appearance of letters or designs that are stenciled in or hand painted on the wall. They can be applied to any room or to just about any hard, smooth surface in your home such as mirrors, glass, the refrigerator, you name it. Once you decide on vinyl wall art, you'll want to determine which type you prefer. You can typically choose from either a "matte" non glossy or glossy finish. The "matte" finish is typically preferred for indoor use as it reduces the glare and makes the letters appear more visible.

Once that has been decided, you'll probably want to select a theme for each room in the home. For a child's nursery, perpendicular wall prices citing to motherhood. For a young child's room, sometimes a favorite nursery rhyme would fit in well. For that kid in all of us, sometimes a favorite sports quote or famous line. Quotes that are inspirational or motivational in some way are also very popular. Vinyl wall art does not have to be limited to lettering. Just about any shape or image you can imagine can be transformed into vinyl wall art.

The combinations and possibilities are literally endless. To get started with some creative ideas you'll need to look no further. Check out some popular wall decals here.

Hopefully this will help anyone in that spring cleaning mind frame and assist in generating some new and affordable decor ideas for your home or office.