Secrets of Choosing Free Backgrounds For MySpace

Did you know that you are helping the entire free hot myspace layout code providers survive and their websites make money to sustain? You know, the chase for myspace layout is not showing any sign of cooling down sooner. So how do they achieve this task especially when we all know that almost all of them offer layout codes free of cost?

How do Free Backgrounds Sites Earn Their Bread

All websites, layouts providers or other news sites, are monetized through AdSense and independent ad channels which bring them revenue. So it is similar that myspace layout seekers may have happened to view and click ads over there. Second, every fantastic, sexy looking myspace layout contains several links placed all over the free layout very cleverly understood. Well you have guessed it, already. You or your thousands of friends or anyone visiting your Myspace profile may click these links. Wow, you are working for them free of cost and your friends, round the clock.

Well, in the internet marketing parlance, it is called as viral marketing technique. So, there is nothing bad about it, if you ask me.

Look For Suspects When Going a Hot Myspace Layout

But choosing a free backgrounds layout is not a bad idea as long as it does not hurt you or your friends. But think of this- these layout codes can be configured to contain spy codes which scan your computer, when you download them, for your private and sensitive data. Do not dismiss this as something simple; these coders are not interested in your myspace or email account log in and password but your bank accounts!

The secret codes capture and transmit whatever data they can collect every time and day you logon to internet and as soon as you logon to your bank account. Oh, this is pretty bad. Surprisingly, these codes do not contain viruses.

There are three ways to prevent them from communicating with their masters. Have your PC detect and delete these codes every minute or have a firewall configured. Easiest way out is to avoid free backgrounds and free layouts that appear suspicious.