Office 2010 "1401, 1402, 1406" Installation Error Fix – How To Repair Office Installer Errors

If you're trying to install Office 2010, and get either the 1401/1402/1406 error on your PC, it suggests there is a problem with the 'registry' of your system and how your PC uses that to run. The good news is that the errors you're seeing are extremely easy to fix and you can do it by using the tutorial outlined in this article.

The cause of your error is basically down to your PC being unable to create / edit any registry keys. Registry keys are a central set of options which Windows computers use to help them "remember" a lot of different things on your system, from the likes of your desktop wallpaper to your latest emails. Registry keys are stored inside the "registry database" and are used for all aspects of your Windows system (making the registry the most important part of your PC). When you install programs onto your computer, they will place a large number of settings into the registry database to help with many different aspects of that software …. however, the only problem is that it's often the case that the registry will be corrupt or your computer will be able to use the keys you need to run.

In order to fix the errors you're seeing on your system, you need to be able to help your PC either use or install the registry settings it requires to run. To do this, you are first going to need to fix any user permission issues on your system (which could be preventing your system from installing the registry settings you require), as well as then repairing any damage to the registry database.

The way to fix these errors is to first make sure your user profile has the correct permissions for accessing & editing the registry of your PC. This can be done using the "folder options" of your system – whereby you will grant permission to your user profile to access the registry. On top of that, it's also recommended that you close any third-party programs on your system to prevent any possible intervention from those in the installation process.

You should also use a registry cleaner program to fix any of the potential errors that are inside the registry database. Registry cleaners are software tools which scan through the 'registry database' of the Windows system and fix the errors which are inside. Because the 1401/1402/1406 errors are caused by your PC being unable to access the registry correctly, it's likely that some problems or issues inside the registry database could have prevented the installation from happening. To ensure this is not a problem, it's recommended you fix the registry on your PC with a 'registry cleaner' tool.