My PC Suddenly Started Running Slowly

Computers run slow all the time for a number of different reasons, but if your PC just started to run slowly then it's a sign of a specific problem inside your system. The problem that many computers that suddenly run slowly have, is nothing to do with the hardware of your machine or even how many programs you're running – it's down to a part of the Windows system called the registry.

The registry is a central database which stores information and settings about your computer. It's been a vital part of Windows for over 10 years, ever since it was introduced in Windows 98. The registry is one of the most frequently used parts of Windows, as it contains settings and information ranging from your desktop wallpaper to your Internet bookmarks. Unfortunately, it's also the main cause of your computer running slowly.

The problem with the registry is all down to how your computer uses it to run. Each time you use your PC, it has to use 100's of registry settings in order to recall various important options for your computer. The reason why this part of your system can suddenly make your PC run slower is because it's often the case that so many files are open from the registry that Windows gets confused about which ones it has open, leading it to save them in the wrong way . This causes many of the files inside the registry database to become damaged and unreadable, which makes Windows unable to process them quickly enough, slowing it down.

The reason why Windows runs slow suddenly is because of how your system can often corrupt or damage a registry setting that is of vital importance to your system. If this happens, then Windows has to take longer to read the file which causes a sudden drop in the speed and reliability of your system. To fix this problem, you need to be able to fix all the damaged registry settings that Windows has, which will allow it to process the files it needs whenever it needs them, making it run fast again.

To fix this issue, you need to use a 'registry cleaner'. This is a program which you install onto your PC and then proceeds to scan through the database of your system and removes any of the damaged or corrupted settings from the registry. To use one of these tools, you basically just need to download one of the Internet, install it and then let it scan your PC. It will find a series of errors on your system and will then clean them all out for you. IF you do this with a good registry cleaner, it can make your PC run as it did when it was new.