Meaning of the Mandatory Signs

As the name itself indications, mandatory signs are the obligatory signs that tell the general public what must be done. They could be road, construction, hazard, warning and a lot more. Most of these are circular and appear in different color backgrounds and points towards potential hazards. For further explanation on meaning of the mandatory signs, let us have a quick look at some of the commonly used mandatory signs.

Non Standard:

These are the warning signs that are normally used in the cases where there are no other apt sign to denote the potential hazard. Normally, these include messages and text. The most commonly used non standard signs across the atlas are "switch-off your mobile phones," and "keep your surroundings clean."


The simple signs which are placed on the containers to inform the people the ingredients inside are toxic or extremely dangerous. These signals are symbolized usually by bones and a skull.


These signs are used for labeling the biological materials that can be of potential health risk to the users. These signs are seen on the hypodermic needles, chemicals used in the laboratory, viral samples and a lot more.

Chemical Hazard:

These are the special icons which are seen on the containers that contain dangerous chemical compounds. These signs are used as warning signs to denote the specific risks and the requisite safety precautions. These are seen on the vehicles that ferry chemical compounds. Chemical Hazard signs have an orange background and a text written on it. Text may be a numeral or a number which can be interpreted with perfect ease and indications the danger that it may pose.


All across the globe, tri-foil symbol is used as a radio sign. These signs are seen in the zone where extremely dangerous radioactive elements or radiation producing equipment are used or handled. These signs warn people about the exposure to radioactive elements. Previously, radioactive signs were seen in either magenta or black color on golden background. But, the latest symbol radiation emanating from a black tri-foil or a cross-bones along with a skull and also a running body having an arrow that points away from the potentially dangerous radiation scenes. The running body used in the sign depicts the prevention from the potentially hazardous radioactive elements.

PPE Signs

Personal Protective Equipment or PPE signs are used to identify the hazards of a workplace. These signs emphasize on the security measures of the company. A few examples of these signs are safety footwear signs, hand protection signs and face shield signs etc.

Electrical Equipment Safety:

Both the repair and operation of electric equipment can pose potential risks. Use of these is popular because these ensure safety of the operators and users. High voltage electric signals warn technicians. Similar control room and powers are also used to warn electricians about the hazard of high voltage area.

Departmental stores use signals to allocate lifts for carrying goods. Signs at the workplace may instruct people to open only one drawer at a time. Sometimes the signs can be very explicit. A factory owner can remind his work personnel to oil the cutting tools before work, by the effective use of signs.


Long and short, The meaning of the mandatory signs is quite diverse. Mandatory signs are of a great significance to prevent accidents and potential risks on health.