Know Who You Are Hiring With an Employee Background Check

What is an Employee Background Check?

Employee Background Checks are focused primarily on returning results that are designed help a business owner avoid hiring high risk employees. By using different restricted databases, our licensed private investigators are able to pinpoint valuable information related to the subject. An Employee Background Check will return detailed information related to the individuals criminal and financial record, specifically identifying factors that would generally classify the person as a "high-risk" employee.

This background investigation tool utilizes different sources to locate information related to the subject such as the criminal background, national criminal records, bankruptcy filings, identification verification, address history, and SSN validation. These results are guaranteed to be accurate because they are obtained through the use of a licensed private investigator, dedicated to finding information that proves to be critical to business owners. By identifying any of your employee's criminal history, hidden or otherwise, you can better protect yourself against future loss.

What Information is Required?

In order to perform a background search, you must have the subject's full name, street address, social security number and date of birth. A private investigator parses through the information found in various databases related to the target, and delivers the results in a straightforward format. In one business day you will receive your Employee Background Check , which is guaranteed to be accurate. Avoid any other imposter services that claim to offer "instant" results for background investigation, because extremely if the service is legitimate it should take about one business day for a licensed private investigator to return the information. Few other background investigation companies offer a phone number for you to directly speak to a private investigator, this is because they are not real businesses.

This Employee Background Investigation helps responsible employers everywhere get a larger and much more detailed picture of their potential employees. This larger picture includes an idea of ​​how responsible your potential applicant is, as their financial records will reflect. Their criminal records can help you identify any past behaviors that could have been detrimental to your business in any way. Unfortunately, it is all too easy for fraud to be committed in today's society, turning the majority of scam artists into serial offenders. It is too easy to neglect to include past criminal information on an application, and if you do find that the potential applicant hid a criminal record, that fact alone speaks volumes about the person's character.