Is It Possible for a Mobile App Design Company to Reduce Battery Consumption?

Mobile application development companies have become quite profitable today, due due to the number of devices in the market. But a common concern faced by most users is the amount of battery consumed by these. Of course it is natural that such devices will certainly consume high power due to gaming, video streaming and chats, but frequent charging is a constant harassment. Both iOS and Android developers have come up with some apps that can reduce battery consumption.

Prior to knowing about these, there are some easy techniques as well that can help in reduction of battery consumption. Most users download free apps that often display continuous ads which need to be closed. These ads are based on age, gender and location, through which their algorithms keep repeating. Now if GPS is turned off, it will definitely prevent the location-specific ads. Additionally, paid apps can also prevent the constant bombardment, as per many many mobile app design company.

App Developers can reduce the number of calls that are made to ad servers to get user preferences. Android mobile application development users must delete apps that are not being used. Unnecessary apps in the background will certainly increase power consumption.

Now on the professional front, many an iPhone development company tries to create software on the Android platform first, as iOS is a stronger Operating System. Despite this, developers working on iOS have made a Free Battery Boost Magic App, which can increase audio and video playback time. It can also add on talk time and net surfing time. There is another software made by an app development company for iOS, called Battery Life Pro All-in-One which generates different kinds of information about battery status.

Some of the mobile app design company software that can be downloaded by Android users to reduce battery consumption are:

a) Juicy Defender-It monitors Wi-Fi usage, 3G / 4G connectivity and CPU speed automatically and continuously. In other words, it ensures that there is 'Juice' in the smart device.

b) Easy Battery Saver- It comes with several power modes to save battery consumption. The 3 major ones are Normal, Advanced and General Power saving Modes. It also has Intelligent Power saving and Super Power saving modes, created by an Android app development company.

c) Android Booster Free- This app development company software is capable of actually boosting the power of the battery. In this manner, It saves power, reclaims battery and also increases performance.