How You Will React If the Recent MMS Scandal is About You?

Technology with its rapid growth brings both good and bad effects with it. While many of us enjoy taking ourselves in our newly bought iPhone or Nokia N series phone, some of us … rarely … very rarely … get astonished to see them online.

What if the video you took in the bedroom is sold in black market as a "New Delhi MMS of newly married couple" with thousands other innocent couple videos collected by porn peddlers and sold as a sex tape in a CD?

On the way of talking Albert told me suddenly, "I got shocked to hear my voice on a YouTube video, where a naked guy talks to his girlfriend." Before my expression, he replied, "that was not me but that voice was so similar." I used to take videos with my girlfriend. those videos in YouTube. I still have a doubt … what if one of those videos get uploaded? it will be regretful for lifetime and beyond "

It is natural he thinks like that, as he joins in meeting new girls and make friends on Internet.

And the last time I went to my friend room and waited as he was going for bathing, he said, "hey check my mobile, I have a collection of real home made videos".

He is not the only one who collects these videos. At least one guy in a group might have them, this is a worrying trend that is growing.

You could remember there were times when camera mobile prices were slashed, its just scandals everywhere in the year of 2004, Some universities and metropolitan corporations banned using camera mobiles in public.

Now the sceneario is different. After a long time and lot of scandals, everyone gets bored and acts normal. Until if that is themselves involved. Do you think it is impossible? Get ready to be embarrassed!

This may be helpful in sting operations and detective journalism. But not in daily life. And especially when a girl is involved. While many girls cry silently, there are events some tried and succeeded in ending their precious lives. As there was no one to counsel and comfort.

The affected person gets lots of questions, what if my family get to see that? my brother see that? or my husband or lover? anyone I knew? And there are no one to answer.

Big Business
Hidden cameras and pen cameras are damn cheap. There are even USB cameras and wireless cameras which send the data to computer. All these come in a very low cost.

There are people who make cash by these videos. They sell them to websites and CD pirates just like how a new movie gets pirates and sold in black market.

New Places
Be careful when going tour or staying in hotels. Especially hotels … Most of the scandals get hatched in hotels as the workers knew every corner and hidden cameras are cheap.

You can use a hidden camera finder or spy camera finder if you are ready to invest some money. These devices give an alarm by detecting the unique components of hidden cameras.

Otherwise check all the places where a camera could be hidden. Usually bathroom, dressing room or rest room.

Online Predators
There is a study about addiction of internet that if you have more than 30% of new friends in Facebook or any other social networking website, you are added to online and need therapy.

If you are a girl be careful before meeting a guy in new place especially which is not a public place where crowd guards.

Those guys think that its a success to meet a new girl. Most of them try to have sex and tell that like a victory story to their friends. This is where the problem starts. They try to take video to show a proof.

You could notice most of the MMS videos will not show the guy's face. If anyhow in the middle, you find he is taking a video try to include him and show his face too.

But beware there are video editing softwares and prevention is better than cure.

Before taking video
Make sure you are taking a "decent" video. No one knows how things change, the love of your life may break up and get furious about you. Even before his angry levels come down the video gets uploaded. And even before he decides to delete the video, there are thousands of downloads get completed. And even before you know that, some stranger will giggle at you.

Software side
Do you know that there are programs that can bring life to files even if you shift + delete (shortcut for deleting permanently)? Actually those were created for good purpose, to recover accidentally deleted files and will be very useful to retrieve documents when your system crashes. There are hell lots of paid and free recovery softwares just Google to find them.

But the bad side is the service centers. Most of the MMS gets life in these service centers. When your hard drive or mobile phone crashes you rush to the service center. But you forgot to remove the memory drive or Slot from mobile or PC.

That's it, they could dig literally the whole record from the date of purchase.

Never ever do that. And as a good thing, there are programs that kill all the data in the hard drive like Active @ Kill Disk Hard Drive Eraser. Use them once in a while and erase all the data in mobile and PC memory.

I hope you find this useful and helps you to have a comfortable way of life.