How to Speed ​​Up a Crazy Slow Computer

Slow computers are no fun. In fact, they can be incredibly frustrating and annoying, turning even the most calm of people into raging bulls. And with millions of these slow machines around the world, it's a wonder that this simple method of speeding them up is not more well-known … because it's really easy to do. The fact is that you can speed up almost any computer by doing one simple thing. However, before I show you that, you first need to understand why most PCs run slow.

It all starts in a hidden part of your computer, known as the 'registry'. This is the central database for your PC, which stores all your system files and settings. This database is critical to the smooth operation of Windows, and it stores everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper. Because Windows is actually very 'dumb' (it can only follow commands and read instructions), it actually needs to use this database to help it do everything on your PC. Think of it as a library, where all the books are computer files, which tell your PC how to run programs, etc.

Because of the importance of this library, your computer is constantly using the files inside it. This is okay, but unfortunately, these files become corrupt and damaged, which means that Windows can not read them properly. When this happens, your computer sees more and more time trying to find out what the instructions are in these files. And since it can not do what you want until it's read the instructions, your computer will run slower because of how long it's taking to read these files.

This is a big problem, which is causing many computers to run slow. If you imagine the typical computer has 1,000's of corrupt files, all slowing your PC down a little bit, you can easily get the idea of ​​how it can start to run slower and slower over time. So with this in mind, to make your computer run fast again, you just need to be able to clean all these damaged files in the registry … and to do that, you just need to use a registry cleaner to scan through the register and fix every corrupt file in there.

These small software tools are incredibly powerful and can speed your computer up a lot. They basically act like a computer expert, looking at every file inside the registry and fixing it if it's corrupt. This allows your computer to read the files it needs extremely quickly, which speeds your computer up dramatically.