How To Repair The "0x039e8474" Sims 3 Error

The 0x039e8474 error with the Sims 3 is caused by various file & settings issues within the game. Many people report this error to either show when they try and load up the Sims 3, or when they are playing the game. To fix the problem, you first need to be able to repair any of the issues which the game may have, and then repair any of the conflicting settings that Windows may have as well. This tutorial is hopefully going to show you how to get rid of the problem for good.

What Is The 0x039e8474 Error?

This error will typically show in this format:

  • Service initialization failed (0x039e8474)

The error basically means that your computer has an error / problem that's preventing a vital "service" from loading to help run the game. The services of your computer are small applications which continuously run, and link your system's applications with the core features of Windows – allowing the smooth integration this operating system is famous for. The services of Windows are used for everything from helping to load up the Internet, to saving the Desktop Wallpaper of your computer, they play a vital role for your PC. To fix this error, you basically need to fix any damaged / corrupt services that your computer may have.

How To Fix The 0x039e8474 Error

There are certain steps you should take to resolve this error, which should first start with re-installing the Sims 3 game on your system. This is important as it will basically fresh all the files & settings that your game will use to run, and should resolve 75% of the 0x039e8474 errors that people report. You can do this by clicking onto "Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs" and then removing the Sims 3 from your system. Follow the uninstall procedure, restart your PC and then allow it to re-install again. This will refresh the files the game uses, and should help fix the error.

If you find the game still work work even after you re-install it, you should then move on to fixing any errors that Windows could have. The way to do this is to first upgrade any parts of your system, which can be done by clicking onto "Start> All Programs> Windows Update" and then downloading all the latest upgrades that Microsoft has released for your system. On top of that, it's recommended that you also disable any of the services which may be causing problems for your system as well.

Finally, it's recommended that you also clean out the registry of your system with a "registry cleaner" application. A registry cleaner is a popular type of program that's capable to fix any of the problems which may develop inside your PC's registry database. This is a central storage facility for all the files, settings and options that Windows will use to run, and is continuously being opened and read to help your computer load up the likes of the Sims. It could be the case that some of the important registry settings for this game are damaged, making it recommended to fix them by using a registry cleaner application.