How To Repair PhysX Errors In BulletStorm

The "PhysX" error with Bulletstorm is caused by the "PhysX" NVidia driver, that allows your computer to read all the files and settings that are required to process a large number of important physics elements inside the BulletStorm game. If you're seeing errors with the PhysX graphics driver, it generally suggests that you have some sort of problem with the settings or files of your system – preventing your computer from being able to run its game properly. The good news is that you can fix this error pretty easily if you follow the steps outlined on this tutorial:

What Causes PhysX Errors?

The errors you've got on your PC are going to generally show in this format:

  • "Failed to Initialize PhysX Hardware Acceleration!"

This problem is evident on all versions of Windows, and is going to be the result of your computer not being able to properly process the important files / settings that are required to process the settings that Windows requires to run. Although the errors you're seeing are a big problem, they can easily be resolved by re-installing the software that will be causing them, as well as cleaning out any of the settings / options that Windows may have inside.

How To Fix PhysX Errors On Your PC

The first step to fix these errors is to re-install the BulletStorm game , and the PhysX graphics driver . This can be done by following these steps:

  • Click "Start", "Control Panel"
  • Find "Add / Remove Programs" (XP), or "Uninstall Programs" (Windows 7)
  • Remove "BulletStorm" & "NVidia PhysX Driver"
  • Restart Your PC
  • Re-Install The Game & The Driver (From the NVidia website)

This will basically get rid of any of the possible problems that will typically affect this software. the way this works it to replace the damaged / corrupted files that the programs may have, allowing your computer to run much smoother and more effectively as a result. Although this is highly effective, it might not be the only way to fix the problem for good.

The last recommended step is to clean out the registry of Windows. This is a large database which stores important files & settings for your system inside, and is where all Windows computers keep the likes of your most recent emails, desktop wallpaper and your passwords for the Internet. The registry is a big cause of PhysX errors – making it vital that you're able to get rid of the possible errors it may have inside – which can be done using a registry cleaner tool .