How to Improve PC Performance – Get Your PC Working at Lightning Speed

If your PC is running slower and slower, you may not be able to use it properly and if you are an avid gamer, your PC will get hung all the time. If this happens in the middle of an interesting game, you will be very annoyed. It might be the case that your PC is overloaded with a lot of files and programs that you may not be using. So it is obvious that you should clean your desktop so that your PC's performance can be increased.

1. Remove some icons

If there are too many icons on your desktop, the start-up of the system may be slowed down. You might have just left some files on the desktop that you might nit being using, so take a look at all the icons present on your desktop. Whenever you refresh or restart your computer, Windows has to load the desktop shortcuts one by one. Therefore, the more icons the longer it will take to load the Windows and operate it. If you have an anti-virus in your PC, it is not required that it scan your system every time when it is started.

2. Remove the desktop themes

The desktop themes typically occupy a huge number of resources in your system and as a result of this, Windows performance is slowed down. You might like those fancy wallpapers that are animated. However, they take up a lot of space and your PC will get hung from time to time if you have an animated wallpaper so get rid of that.

Moreover, you should also stay away from using the active desktop feature. This feature displays the web components. However, it hinders the performance of the CPU. Many studies have shown that use of active desktop can slow down your PC to a great extent. Therefore, in order to speed up your PC's performance, you should refrain from the use of active desktop.