How to Create a Personalized ePostcard

Once in a while, one might feel like being creative. Creating a greeting ePostcard for someone special will definitely inspire you further. Playing with colors and images can be fun, but could be very complicated with advanced photo editing software solutions.

While there are many complex software solutions available to design graphics (like Photoshop), they can be overwhelming for newbies. Thus, the tool that we are going to use, is not some graphics designing software or complicated photo editing program. We'll make our postcard with Microsoft PowerPoint.

All you need is a nice component image / clip-art (s), preferably with transparent background, so that you could customize the background color schemes as per your desire. Make sure that your clip-art is suitable for the occasion. For example, for greeting your beloved, choose a bright heart clip-art, or picture of a flower, bouquet etc. For expressing birthday wishes to a friend, on the other hand, you might need an image of delicious cake or balloons.

So grab your clipart with transparent background, and open PowerPoint.

1. Choose a blank template, copy paste your clipart (or insert it)

2. You could paste multiple copies of the same clip-art or a couple of different clip-arts. Rotate and position them on your slide.

3. Now let's format the background. Right click and select format background.

4. Choose a suitable color. You might also consider adding a texture or gradient instead of single color. A gradient could be linear or radial and will consist of multiple stops. Click on each stop and change it to make a gradient of your choice of shades.

6. Click on Insert tab, and insert text box. Or insert a Word Art, which gives you some predefined templates for stylized text. You can modify this text by selecting the text and right click to select "modify text effects". You can choose a gradient for text color and outline also.

7. Type in your Message and adjust the font to a large size, say 72. Include the name of your special someone in the message to create the ePostcard exclusively for him / her.

Play with the settings, add 3d Rotation, shadow and bevel effects to customize your postcard.

8. Go to file menu (Alt + F) and click on "save as". Change the "save as type" to "JPEG File Interchange Format." Change the name and location where to save. Click on Save. In the message box, "Do you want to export every slide …", click on "Current Slide Only".

That's it. Your Postcard is ready to send. Have a look at an image made following the above steps.