Glass Restoration – The Art of Cleaning the Window That Will not Come Clean

As a window cleaner I'm sure you've come across many windows that are so stained, hazed or cloudy that even after you've scrubbed and squeegeed them, they still look filthy. You know the windows I'm talking about?

The sad thing is that none of the standard professional window cleaning techniques and methods can do anything to make a window like that come clean.

This is because the staining has actually etched itself into the top layer of the glass and theby embedding the stain permanently in the glass.

This situation is called Glass Corrosion and if left unchecked, it will not only be an eye sore to look through, but it will also wind up costing your customer a lot of money in the future.

You see, when glass becomes corroded, there are only two options available …

Replace the Glass or Restore the glass.

Replacing glass is very expensive and therefore restoring the glass is a much more attractive option to the customer, however the problem with this is …

Almost 80% of the window cleaning companies in existence have no idea how to properly restore a window, and those that do are jealously guarding the methods … and why should not they …

Glass Restoration is a Huge Profit Source for those in the know. In fact, glass restoration services average $ 150 per hour and almost all of it is profit.

If you are not offering a true glass restoration service to your window cleaning customers, it's safe to say that you are leaving a huge chunk of money on the table and missing out on some of the most lucrative window cleaning contracts.