Expand Memory to 8GB Through Motorola EM30 Cherry

Motorola EM30 Cherry is significantly red in color with black background. Apart from its external vibrancy, Motorola EM30 has much operational efficiency as well.

Size: Motorola handset is pretty big in dimensions with 115x53x10.6mm in dimensions, and approximately 100gms by weight. Its display screen is also quite big in 240x320pixels, and 262K TFT Display. GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz quad-band facility promoters EM30's usage in vast area and with ease.

Call Record: Users retrieve data for last 20dialed, received and missed calls so that any missed call does not go UN-noticed. Many users keep an account of each and every call at the end of the day to review their day's activity. It certainly helps in long-run.

Ring tones: Everyone has a different style of ring tone. Therefore, Motorola EM30 Cherry is pre-loaded with mp3, polyphonic and AAC ring tones, so that customer is absolutely satisfied with vast variety in ring tones.

Technical features: Motorola EM30 has WAP2.0 and Java Tech MIDP2.0 technology. Users have an option of mailing and sending emailing to near and dear ones. Motorola EM30 lacks WI-Fi capacity in this handset.

Entertainment: Use your mobile phone as a radio, or a music planet to experience a real audio system through this handset. FM Radio is a must for every user. Different stations are available for different people. It is quite obvious that everyone wants some entertainment for them and what's better than music. Youths love to listen to fast music, while older generation likes melodious songs. And FM takes care of each and every number for entertaining their customers.

Camera: Latest camera with 2MP configuration is loaded in this handset. Users use this handset for clicking different memorable moments of their life with ease. One can store photos, as well as send these photographs to others. Everyone is fond of using camera mobile to click good quality pictures for them. And when Blue tooth is present in this handset, then it is great transferring average for everyone.

Motorola EM30 Cherry, as the name suggests is a great looking handset in red and black combination. The outside design is quite beautiful and interiors are loaded pretty intelligently. Users derive extra pleasure by getting extra discounts on this multi-functional handset. Look for this handset with discounts at the mobile store and purchase it online.