Damask Decor – Decorating Your Kitchen With Damask

Damask wallpaper was once reserved for formal dining rooms or other formal rooms in the home. However, it has become more socially acceptable for damask to be used in other forms for decoration through the home. A unique idea for decorating an individual's kitchen would be to employ the use of damask wallpaper. In this instance, damask refers to the pattern of the wallpaper, rather than the textile, which is constructed of silk. While classic damask patterns remain consistent in vogue, modern versions of traditional damask patterns are increasing in popularity as well.

Traditional the wallpaper is inspired by ancient damask patterns that were designed and woven in Spain, Italy, and the Middle East. Actual patterns are heat transferred onto wallpaper to create an elegant and classic design for an individual's kitchen. Traditional patterns include floral patterns and simple scenes of daily life, as well as intrete geometric patterns. Nontraditional patterns of damask include patterns of ivy, bamboo, and non classical scenes in colors of aqua, pink, bright greens, and blues. Damask wallpaper can even be selected to match the cabinetry in a kitchen. For example, a black and white damask pattern will create a clean, stark contrast to stainless steel cabinetry.

Despite the room that the patterned wallpaper is placed in, it can be an ideal focal point to design a room's theme around. It is a common misconception that damask wallpaper should be relegated to a Victorian style home; however, this is simply not true. Damask wallpaper is quite simple to install. The texture of the wallpaper can also lend an interesting addition to a room. It is glossy in appearance, but the texture can come in a variety of manners. For example, some forms of this wallpaper are smooth to the touch, while other forms retain a velvety feel. A wallpaper pattern with an aged appearance can also be chosen to compliment a kitchen's décor.

Furthermore, a kitchen's appliances can also be chosen to match the damask wallpaper. However, it is important that, if a kitchen is decorated in damask, that the individual does not overdo the overall look of the room with damask accessories. Adding drapery, tablecloths, or upholstery constructed from damask may overwhelm the space. Because of its unique and distinct properties, damask wallpaper makes a dramatic statement on its own when allowed to stand alone.