Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL / A Laptop Review – Editor's Choice

Like most die-hard Apple Macintosh fans, I was thoroughly skeptical of the switch to Intel processors and had been holding on upgrading my trusty MacBook in part because I was afraid to test out the Intel Chips. But soon, my old MacBook just was not cutting it anymore and I decided to bite the bullet and take the plunge. That's how the Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL / A ended up in my hands.

I have to say from the outside that I'm extremely happy with the decision as nerve-wrecking as it was. The main reason for my joy is the speed and responsiveness the Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL / A gives. I believe that the leap in performance is due to both the Intel i5 dual-core chip as well as the new OS X v 10.6 Snow Leopard Operating System that comes with the MacBook Pro. The adjustments that Apple have made are simply stunning AND I can also run Windows on the notebook either through a dual-boot system or a Virtual Machine (VM) program. Eat your heart out PC fans!

The Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL / A also comes with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M graphics chip with 256 dedicated DDR3 graphics memory. This means that rendering videos, playing games and most other graphics / video intensive applications are a breeze on this machine. Oh and there's an integrated Intel Graphics card too if you need to save battery juice. Just tell the computer and it will switch over for you. Yes, it almost has a mind of its own! A great graphics card is nothing without an exceptional screen and the Apple MacBook Pro MC371LL / A shows off a stunning 1440 X 900, 15.6 inch gorgeous display. I love watching ANYTHING on this screen. Even the wallpaper looks more attractive on my new MacBook Pro!

My only gripe so far has been the weight of this notebook – 10 lbs. But seriously, everything else more than makes up for it.

There's the multi-touch track-pad, the uni-body aluminum enclosure that is made out of a single piece of solid aluminum, the integrated iSight camera for video conferencing (loving Skype on this baby!) The back-lit keyboard that is an absolute joy to type on and the fantastic battery life at about 8 hours with normal usage and wifi on. Standard ports are all there (USB 2.0, Gigabit LAN, MiniDisplay Port, FireWire 800 and an SD Card slot too).

Ok, I've officially taken too long to write this out. I have to get back to more useful activities on my new found love, I mean my MacBook Pro.