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As unified communications expand to include mobile phones, apps for SIP are sorely needed. The open source Android platform recognizes this need and the app SIPdroid is a working solution for those who need to include mobile access in their overall data network.

Features for the SIPdroid app include:

  • Multitasking capability. Unlike the iPhone, which forbids background running apps, SIPdroid can run continuously, ensuring you never miss a business call.
  • Open source app (in beta), allowing developers access to improve the app.
  • Java based SIP stack. Allows easy encoding and transmission of SIP calls.
  • Virtual PBX compatibility; configurable in some cases to specific systems.
  • Ability to add multiple SIP accounts through different carriers.
  • Automatic switch to speakerphone in car / desk dock.
  • G.722 HD voice for clear audio; compatible with most phones.
  • Optional username configuration with no migration from caller ID
  • Caller ID, Call Waiting notification, video reception and transmission
  • WiFi, 3G or direct calling options, with settings to support choice at all times.
  • Call recording options available in most cases.
  • Callthru to PBX if SIP is not available.
The SIPdroid app is constantly being updated and features added, and may beat out the iPhone app historically for ease of use and compatibility with a wider array of networks. Apple has a history of not playing well with others, and the Android platform bypasses many issues users have with Apple based systems; For example, iPhone forces a workaround in the form of 'Push Notification' to alert users to open mobile VoIP apps to receive a call, whereas Android allows multitasking and background apps to be run simultaneously, allowing instant access any time. However, the beta version of SIPdroid still has a ways to go before it is fully compatible with many other features VoIP users have come to expect.

SIPdroid runs on most Android HTC phones, as long as the 'Cupcake' version of Android or newer is installed.

The primary benefit of mobile applications that allow SIP calling is that calls are routed through the VoIP network of the user, whether their own personal VoIP service or their business VoIP service. This can not only significantly reduce hefty mobile carrier ands roaming fees, but will also permit the full integration of your mobile number with your business VoIP / PBX system, meaning that your mobile phone becomes an extension of your desk phone. An added advantage is the ability to configure settings to make outgoing calls placed from your mobile display your business caller ID so your business contacts do not get your private number.

The SIPdroid app is free, open source software, and can be downloaded from Google.