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Thanks to the phenomenon called advertising campaigns occurring in abundance all around the globe. Any glow sign, glowing with the refulgence of the two words 'free' and 'gift' is all equipped to cast voodoo to an onlooker today. A glimpse of two words makes adult or young alike headway to the destination that meets ready with the offer (for what ever promised). This basic attraction to access something for free has yielded success for many companies and revitalized their sales figure beyond recognition. The formula of success, in selling or introducing a new product and enticing a buyer to conform to the conditions has found takers in the shape of mobile manufacturers, retail outlets and mobile network service providers today.

Thanks to the dog-eat-dog competition between major mobile makers! The last decade has witnessed a tremendous development in terms of mobile telecommunication. And we users, are more than happy to enjoy the clash of titans with the hope for a better offer always. The bundle of free offerings with a mobile phone inevitably spices up the deal.

The subject matter of free gifts gains maximum prominence with the variety of mobile phone deals on offer from various mobile phone retail outlets, their on-line counterparts and some mobile network service providers. Today, if multiple pay-as-you-go mobile phone deals come with interestingly lessened calling cost, most of the contract mobile phone deals come bundled with free gifts in the shape of free talk time, text space, and roaming facility. There are also offers like free download, free ringtones and wallpaper, and top of it all, an entire mobile phone for free from various contract deals.

But are not we all enjoying the stint? And till the moment the offers sound enough encouraging and (most importantly) does not plan to wrongly entice us to falsities, what is the harm in soaking in the offerings?