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Gray Pages Directory services are gaining huge popularity with individuals and businesses around the World. It is also referred to as Reverse Phone Lookup or Reverse Telephone Directory or Criss-cross Directory. We know about Yellow Pages as the old paper-based business phone book and White Pages which allow you to look up individual's phone numbers. With Gray Pages Directory services you can get to know the name and address of a person with just a phone number to go on. This is unlike the White Pages wherein you search by the contact name as the primary source of contact information and have to go through pages toill reach at the information you are looking at.


Now, you can carry out a free reverse phone lookup conveniently from your computer. There are websites of companies providing free services with very basic information. Also, there are several companies offering premium services on chargeable basis for late and accurate content. These charges are either pay per lookup or with one time membership fee. In some cases, you may want to get a detailed background on a person or a company. Gray Pages Directory is leveraged effectively by Law enforcement agencies as well as Emergency services where they can instantly get the details from the incoming call.

There can be numerous benefits of Gray Pages Directory, right from ordering pizzas to tracking down addresses for party invitations or locating classmates for a class reunion or for investigation by detectives. They can also be invaluable to people receiving harassment telemarketing calls who want to know where they are coming from so that they can be blocked for future. This can also be effectively used to prevent sales companies and banking institutions who relentlessly pursue the clients to sell their products, which sometimes cross all the limits of tolerance.


You need to be careful in choosing the right service provider for reverse phone lookup. There are several directories which are inaccurate or obsolete so it is essential to choose from the known and reputed providers.


Anonymity and cost are now the critical factors in the Gray Pages Directory business. There are strict regulations in place and you can be assured of anonymity where others will not know if you have done the search. In terms of cost, one reverse cell phone number lookup which used to cost as high as $ 45 in year 2009 has now come down to $ 10 on an average. There are business houses providing web services containing a directory of cinemas, banks, insurance, maps & driving directions etc all linked to their phone numbers and providing value-added services to internet users.