Red Ruffle Sketch (€350) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring sketch, fillers, drawings, backgrounds, art, detail…

Red Ruffle Sketch (€350) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring sketch, fillers, drawings, backgrounds, art, detail and embellishment

Holiday clip art is images that depict memorable events and special days that different cultures commemorate annually. You can use this clip art as background decorations for your web pages, greeting cards and party invitations.

A huge and excellent selection of colored clip art created specifically for national and international holidays is available at clip art websites. You can select from US flags, rockets and? United We Stand? statements for Independence Day; flag images with patriotic sayings,? Remember our Heroes? images and a woman weeping at a grave for Memorial Day and Patriotic Day; and flags, eagles and stars with? Made in the USA? statements for Labor Day.

You can also find clip art for secular holidays, such as Irish borders, shamrocks, lambs and bullets for St. Louis. Patrick? S Day; sailing ships for Columbus Day; saguaro cactus and colored sombreros for Cinco de Mayo; and groundhogs in different scenes for Groundhog Day.

You can search for clip art for Christian holidays, too. These include manger scenes, Christmas wreaths, Santa and Mrs. Claus, reindeers, elves, pine trees, stars and Christmas gifts. There are images of Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, holy saints, the Bible, crosses and churches that suit the season of Lent. Bunnies in baskets, flowers, lambs and Easter eggs are the perfect clip art images for Easter.

There is also holiday clip art of menorahs and Stars of David in various colors and designs for the Jewish holiday Hanukkah. For Kwanzaa, there are images of candles, ethnic boys and girls, and statements of social and spiritual principles.

Other popular holiday clip art includes cupids, hearts, singing blue birds, a small red heart associated with the words "I Love You" and a kissing couple for Valentine's Day; bouquets for Mothers? Day; witches, ghosts, mummies, graves and pumpkins for Halloween; and balloons, champagne and bubbles, party hats, fireworks and clocks pointing to midnight for New Year? s Day.

The World Wide Web is a great source of clip art for all occasions. Browse through the sub-categories of each website to access the newest collection of free holiday clip art.