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Do you receive prank calls everyday that your productivity considered went down? Are you considering your partner of cheating but you do not know where to start? These two concerns are not related but they share a single solution: reverse phone search. Prank calls can be traced through their numbers and cheating partners can be proven by tracing the unknown calls in their mobile phones.

Using Free Services

There are two forms of free reverse phone search: using search engines and free online directories. Websites such as Google, AOL, and Yahoo are very easy methods to get name and address of callers. However, this is not a guaranteed method because pranksters rarely post their name and address online. The free online directories are a bit more effective because they use a database to compare the information you entered. However, they may not provide accurate results or they will not provide any results since they are limited on landlines. Cell phone number trace is not possible in free search sites.

Using Paid Services

Fortunately, there are websites that will most likely provide you with the results you need. Paid mobile phone number lookup sites are online companies that have massive database not only for landline but also on mobile phones. There are even websites that extend their services to fax numbers and web-based call services (VOIP). Through these sites, customers will also have an option in conducting criminal background checks using the same information. It's actually an online detective agency but the results are in seconds and more affordable.

Double Check that Number!

If you are considering paid reverse search sites for detailed results, make sure that the data you're entering is correct. Even though these services are not expensive, it's still considered a waste of money if you entered a wrong number. You can also sign up for their unlimited services by becoming a member in their websites. There is often an annual fee wherein members are allowed to search for the name and address without limitations.

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