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Checking for cell phones on eBay can save you a lot of money as well as
time ... Modern cellular phones change rapidly so current models are constantly being superseded for a newer, improved version; new functions and services are being added on a regular basis.
In order to make a better decision, become educated before you make your next phone purchase; Below are some facts every user should know before upgrading.

Cellular phones are also extremely popular among kids in Europe. The
majority of Britain's 7-to-16-year-olds have cellular phone, as do 75 percent of
teenagers in Scandinavia. cellular phone are regulated by the FCC. FCC
requirements state that ALL cellular phone, regardless of status of service (or
even the lack of service) must be able to dial 911. cellular phone are just too
juicy a target for some telemarketers to ignore. There are now more cellular
phone on the planet than land lines. Battery life is always an issue and even
although they last longer (and are smaller), they have much more to do, so always
leaving your phone until it is almost drained of power can cause problems.
Unfortunately, this is known to cause many problems with your cell phone battery and
will shorten the life of your battery between charges to the point where you're
time charging more than you're time talking!

Some cellular phones have an automatic back light facility which only comes on when buttons are pressed which saves unnecessary power drain from your battery. If your phone does not have this function, turn the back light off when you are not using the phone or turn down the brightness if this can not be done. If you travel in areas where there is
little or no coverage or there is only roaming coverage, turn your cellular phone off completely to
try and save battery power while trying to locate a suitable network and in
addition to this, try limiting the length of your conversations. The longer you talk the more power you will use; limit your usage of cell phone
games or Internet browsing as these are high users of battery power even though
you're not actually talking. While downloading new music, ring tone, and wallpaper is a great idea,
some people are given free sample but forget it will cost for the rest that are downloaded automatically, sometimes
even without their knowledge. For people buying a phone for their children, most
plans and companies will now allow them to disable any download functions so
only the parents have control over downloads via a password feature that the
others can not use.

Cell phone plans are generally available where you pay only when it is used or through a contract that supplies a pre-agreed amount of minutes per month. It really does depend on the type of user you are as infrequent users benefit from the 'pay per use' plans. The price for each type of contract needs to be looked at carefully but as a general rule the more often you use the phone the more sensible a long term contract will be. Some
other features like tri-band or quad-band means that they are able to be used in
other countries but these may only be available with cell phones that are part of a long term agreements so look out for
the best deals that will benefit you most. Also with any plan, consider if long
distance is included so find out the usual roaming charges, connection fees (if
applicable), and if there are any other hidden fees in the plan. Stay away from a contract that does not supply the phone with an insurance warranty as you could be liable for any costs if it were stolen,
lost or damaged.

If you decide to buy your cell phone on the Internet, make sure it is not an old or outgoing model without you do not mind of course; otherwise you may find it does not have all the features you want included.

Cellular phone are no longer viewed as an executive perk or a luxury item. They
no longer resemble suitcases or are hardwired to the floor of an automobile.
cellular phone are the new lighters, man.

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