Looking for an inexpensive way to make yourself a variety of backgrounds for your food…

Looking for an inexpensive way to make yourself a variety of backgrounds for your food and small object photography? Make sure to read the post for lots of ideas for taking better food and craft photos for your blog… Or take better pictures for selling small items on ebay… Part 1… Make yourself a pallet studio- on the cheap, and see how you can change it up! This links to a part 2 with great ideas for other inexpensive photo backgrounds!

Modern man spends too much time on the computer. It's time to get tired of the usual design of your computer. Each person is individual. You want something bright, unique, colorful. It is time for creativity.

Let's start with our workplace.

There are many ways to decorate your computer and give it uniqueness.One way is using free desktop PC wallpapers. Where do we get these wonderful wallpapers for free? There are specialized directories where you can find hundreds and thousands of great free wallpapers to your taste. These sites can be found online at Google, Yahoo with your request "free desktop wallpapers" or similar.

Usually, free desktop wallpapers sorted into sections and are available for free download. Specify resolution and themes (widescreen, nature, animal, 3D, space, landscape wallpapers, etc).

Modern monitors support high resolution. At present, the actual use wallpaper with high resolution (1680x1050, 1920x1080...). Some sites offer to download desktop wallpapers in HD quality for free. You can also use their personal photos, art drawings.


  • Choose wallpaper, best suited to resolve your monitor.
  • Choose the appropriate wallpaper on the mood.
  • Assemble a collection of wallpaper and make an easy choice.
  • Install the new wallpaper on your desktop every week. This has a positive impact on performance.

Install on your desktop computer wallpaper and enjoy magnificent views of nature, cute animals, beautiful plants and flowers, favorite places. It's your choice. Remember, your mood in your hands. Original wallpaper will help you. Indulge yourself, friends and your family by installing the best wallpapers for your desktop.