Knitting Pattern for Cabled Messy Bun Hat – This hat features a drawstring top that…

Knitting Pattern for Cabled Messy Bun Hat – This hat features a drawstring top that lets you wear it closed or open to accommodate a ponytail. Knit with multidirectional cables on a gradient background. Designed by Karen Bourquin. One of the patterns in Gradient Style.

Digital scrapbooking is one of the newest trends in the scrapbooking hobby. Scrapbookers are using the computer in many ways to enhance their scrapbooking pages, or create their pages entirely on the computer.

Some people use the computer to enhance their photos and scrapbooking pages. With the rise of digital photography, many scrapbookers are editing their photos on the computer before putting them in the album. They are removing red-eye, blurring out distracting backgrounds and enhancing the color of their photos. Some scrapbookers are even printing their own photos at home. Doing this allows you to customize the size of the photo to fit perfectly onto your page.

Some scrapbookers use the computer to make elements for their traditional scrapbooking pages. They will create journal boxes, titles, enhancements and more on the computer, then attach it to the page. The most common use of the computer along these lines is to create titles and text boxes for the page. This is because you have a huge variety of fonts and colors to make your text when using the computer. There is even a type of software on the market today that allows you to make a text out of your own handwriting. This will allow you to save time using the computer to create your text without losing the personalized factor of the page including your own handwriting. You can create stunning titles on the computer, using thousands of fonts.

The biggest trend in digital scrapbooking is to create your page entirely on the computer. Using digital pictures, or scanned pictures and scrapbooking software, you can create stunning pages entirely on the computer. These pages will look a lot like the paper pages you see everywhere. One of the benefits of creating your pages on the computer is that you can share them with friends and family, no matter where they live. If grandma and grandpa live two states away, they can see the grandkids' latest page with the click of the mouse. Not only that, but digital scrapbooking is a lot less time consuming than traditional scrapbooking. You can create pages much quicker and if you make a mistake, you just delete and start over. You have not wasted expensive supplies or ruined priceless photos.

If you are going to enter the field of digital scrapbooking, it is important to purchase a photo-quality printer. If you are going to want 12 x 12 albums, there are printers specifically made to hold 12 x 12 paper. Make sure whatever paper you are printing on is acid-free. You do not want your pages fading with time. Consider printing on photo paper, as this will let your pages look like a traditional photo.

Since digital cameras are becoming the norm, so will digital scrapbooking as the industry develops. You can do many things on the computer that you might not be able to do on paper. Do not think that digital scrapbooking will replace paper scrapbooking, though. The camaraderie that women feel when they get together to scrapbook will be lost on the computer, so paper scrapbooking is going to remain popular.