I don’t think I could possibly read any more than I already do.

I don’t think I could possibly read any more than I already do.

Photo or photography studio backgrounds include muslin, flatplain cotton, chroma key, vinyl, hand painted and digitally printed backgrounds.

Muslin backgrounds are ideal for the mobile photographer who is on location photography. They are light and easy to transport and are available in a wide variety of colors ranging from simple flat colors to mottled colors and flat dyed colors.

Flat cotton photo studio backgrounds are affordable and very versatile, and are available in colors which suit every type of person regardless of their skin or hair color. They are perhaps more suitable for permanent use rather than for mobile use because they tend to crease, although the creases can be flattered.

The great advantage of chroma key photo studio backgrounds, with their high chroma key colors, is that the background can later be removed from the photograph and replaced by a digital photo background.

Every photography studio should have at least one good quality high key white vinyl photo background. They are perfectly opaque and have a matt finish so they do not cast shadows. They create quite a `stark 'look, which some photographers might like and others might dislike.

Hand painted photo studio backgrounds can help the portrait photographer to create very atmospheric photographs, and the themes for these backgrounds include seasonal themes such as Christmas themes, childrens' themes and romantic settings for newly-weds. They can either be purchased ready-made from a photo studio backgrounds supplier or they can be created individually by an artist.

Digitally printed photo studio backgrounds can be printed on non-woven fabric or vinyl backgrounds. Both give good results but vinyl gives the best results. The images can range from high resolution photographic quality images to text and graphics which have been generated by a computer.