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Nextel's predecessor - Fleet Call, Inc. - was founded in 1987. In 1993, the name, Fleet Call, Inc. was changed to Nextel Communications, Inc. Since then Nextel has gone through many technological advances and has been a great contributor in the field of mobile communications. Sprint and Nextel Communications Inc. announced their merger on 12th Aug 2005, forming Sprint Nextel Corporation.

Nextel cellular phones offer a multitude of services that work on a single, private, secure, all-digital network. The basic features provided on a Nextel cellular phone include:

Personalize your Nextel Cellular Phone

Ringtones & Wallpapers
You can personalize your Nextel cellular phone with the latest ringtones. You can select from popular music categories like Pop, Rock, R & B, Rap, Classical, and more. Give a new cool look to your Nextel cellular phone with many wallpapers including sceneries, photos, and more.

You can choose from a collection of games for your Nextel cellular phone. From bingo to sports; have fun anywhere you are.

Web Services & Applications
With web content providers like, you can stay in touch, informed, and in control, all from your Nextel cellular phone. Enhance your Nextel cellular phone with business applications and productivity tools.


Using your Nextel cellular phone, you can send and receive messages with images, audio, and text. You can send, receive, and save text messages as long as 500 characters. With the Instant Messaging feature of your Nextel cellular phone, you can communicate online in real time with users of AOL Instant Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Yahoo! Messenger.


Using MyNextel address book on your Nextel cellular phone, you always have instant access to all your business and personal contacts. Nextel cellular phones have a feature, called Mobile Application Manager, which allows you to wirelessly distribute custom or off-the-shelf Java applications. You could also sign up multiple Nextel cellular phones on your account using Total Account Registration.

GPS Features

Some Nextel cellular phones also provide GPS (Global Positioning System) facilities including - visual and audible turn-by-turn driving directions, view and monitor employee location in real-time, turn your Nextel cellular phone into a GPS receiver.


Nextel's walkie-talkie service is built into every Nextel cellular phone to help you get right through. It allows you to instantly connect to another Nextel user.

Calling and E-mail

Customize your Nextel cellular phone with optional and pay-per-use services. Choose a calling plan that best suits your needs. You could receive e-mail on your Nextel cellular phone and stay in touch even when you're out of the office or away from your computer.

International Services

With Nextel International Services, you can make and receive calls with one phone number throughout North America and around the world. Access wireless data services when you travel. Or, use any nextel cellular phone to make international calls from the US and Canada to over 225 countries.

With the announcement of the merger, Sprint Nextel is set for new things. Through a broad portfolio of product and service offerings and a passion for meeting the needs of customers, Sprint Nextel expects to win in the market. As we look to the future, Sprint Nextel will provide customers innovative wireless data services with media and entertainment content augmented by a global IP network that provides consumer, business and government customers compelling integrated communications solutions.