Background for the story

Background for the story

There are many complaints about Assassins Creed. Not only the game often runs slower but it starts to lag and freeze during the middle of the game play. We will discuss the easy to perform solutions to resolve this problem.


1. Repair Corrupted Registry Entries
2. Disable Unnecessary Programs from Running in the Background
Defrag the Disk Drives
4. Make Changes in the game Configuration Files
5. Download and Install the Latest Version of your Display Driver

Repair Corrupted Registry Entries

Assassins Creed slows down because of obsolete, junk and unwanted registry entries. You have to find and delete such registry entries. For this use an external Registry Cleaner and PC Optimizer software to perform the job securely.

Disable Unnecessary Programs from being Running in the Background

Assassins Creed slows down when too many programs are running in the background. You must control these programs using the System Configuration tool.

1. Click Start | Run.
2. Type MsConfig and press ENTER.
3. Click Startups tab.
4. Disable unwanted programs such as update schedulers, system tray icons and so on.
5. Click Apply | OK.
6. Restart the machine.

Defrag the Disk Drives

File fragmentation reduces the performance of retrieving information from the files on your system. Fragmented disk drives may be responsible for slow speed. You need to defrag the disk drives as stated below:

1. Click Start | All Programs | Accessories System Tools | Disk Defragmenter.
2. Select the disk drives you wish to defragment.
3. Click Defragment disks button to proceed next.

Make Changes in the Configuration Files

For fixing Assassins Creed slow speed make the changes to the Settings.ini file as shown below. Doing so will boost the gaming performance.

1. Open My Computer.
2. Browse the following directory:
C: Program Files Ubisoft Ubisoft Game Launcher
3. Double click Settings.ini file.
4. Search the string SaveOnline
5. Replace its value to False.
6. Press Ctrl + S.
7. Delete the folder named Storage from the same directory.

Download and Install the Latest Version of your Display Drivers

The game may also run slow if you are running the game with outdated version of your display driver. You have to download the latest drivers for your graphics card and install them on your computer. Visit the website of the corresponding manufacturer.