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The LG enV VX9900 is now packed into a slimmer, lighter weight design and better than ever. It's probably safe to say it has the ultimate form of the mobile entertainment. The LG enV VX9900 has everything you love to about:

- High Speed ​​Technology
- A QWERTY Keyboard
- A huge internal screen
- Dual stereo speakers
- An external memory port
- Upgraded 2.0 mega pixel camera
- Camcorder with the auto-focus and lens cover
- Navigator GPS
- Advance MP3 Players

All inside the same cell phone, LG en V VX9900.

Service Options

With the support of the EV-DO high-speed technology, you can enjoy the fast access to the internet with an average download speed ranging from 400 ~ 700 kbps and t2Mbps at the peak ... of course, with additional charge applicable.

You also can download songs instantly to your phone or purchase the music through your PC and transfer it to your phone easily as well with the service provided by V Cast Music service and it also offers approximately 2 million songs with latest update.

If you have the Verizon's Mobile Web 2.0 package, you can getting on the internet easily which allows you to read, send emails, exchange instant messages and view your favorite web content on your phone. It also give you a lot of room to personalize your handset with different ring tone tones, themes and wallpapers as long you are using the Get It Now service which is fully compatible with this LG enV VX9900.

Phone Features

About the Internal color screen, It have 128x160 pixel resolution that support up to 65k colors and standard dial keypad complete with 5-way button in the front of the enV cell phone.

You can flip horizontal the clamshell and you will find yourself with a crystal-clear, 240x320, 262k color landscape display and full of QWERTY keyboard inside. There are a pair of stereo speakers located in either side of the display and a slot provided on the side of the device for additional MicroSD card if you wish to expand your memory space and a provided USB data port for convenient connectivity.

The enV also ships with a number of handy basic tools such as a calendar, an alarm clock, calculator and a voice memo application that is quite useful in your daily life.

Text Messaging

When come to messaging, The EnV has the entire basic feature covered as well, with the support for sending and receiving text, picture, and video messages ... And of course, the QWERTY keyboard makes the text and word typing more easier than ever .

Contact and Calling

For a quick and easy management of the phone numbers, the enV VX9900 has the built-in address book that can easily stored up to 1000 contacts.

Not only that, the phone also let you to match the pictures with the callers to identify them.

With the powerful speakerphone built-in unit, you can talk hand free as well.

It also has the vibrating alert feature and it is quite useful when you wish to discreet.

Camera and Camcorder

The phone totally looks like a CAMERA when you use it. You held it horizontally and you tap your finger on the top right corner of the phone to snap a photo.

With the 2.0 mega pixels, you can take a great photo, clean shot and videos and a nice touch of the lens covers that function to protect the lens from the unwanted dust or scratches.

It also has a decent frame rate for the video although sometimes it might look a bit choppy but most the time, it is fluid.


If you are looking for the ultimate in features and high-speed wireless broadband and content, look no further, The LG enV VX9900 is your best bet. It packed with a lot of the latest technology, hidden QWERTY keyboard, a 2.0 mega pixel, advanced MP3 players, stereo speakers and a lot more.