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Are you aware that your PC disk space is decreasing day by day when you are surfing on the Internet? Whether your PC run slower and slower for no apparent reason?

The system registry is like a warehouse saving all the settings of your everything from your latest emails to your desktop wallpaper and keeps track of everything you do on your PC. Any changes made on your computer are recorded in your registry, including creating a document, deleting a file, deleting software and installing a program. Of course, with doing these processes, a bunch of junk files will be produced, such as temporary Files, log files, disk check files, temporary backup files and other temporary files.

If you do not clean up temporary Internet Files for a period, the cache files may occupy hundreds of MB disk space. So as you go on working on your computer, lots of disk space will be wasted and your registry will be filled with too many trash files, which will affect your computer performance. You need a free registry cleaner to eliminate junk files clogging your registry.

With so many registry software for windows, it is incredibly difficult to be able to get one which you can probably on as being the best. The good things about registry cleaners are that any person can use this software without the need to be an expert in computers and identifying trash files and wiping them out within seconds. From my experience, the best registry repair software is Reg Utility. It can delete junk files in only 30 seconds. It has a free scanning tool that you can download to check how many problems exist in your PC.