To satisfy the mobile phone users who pay meticulous attention to design and application, Samsung Electronics rolled out X830 mobile set, which according to the company was their planned approach - introducing cutting-edge multimedia phones to this ever-growing segment.

The company is marketing X830 model exclusively on its'MP3 player' feature. The swing-open set with its mobile phone and MP3 player features gives a unique experience to the users to enjoy without missing the either.

The highly fashionable mini music phone has a stylish, sleek design measuring 84 x 30 x 19.9 mm and weighing 75 grams, and is accommodating many powerful multimedia features. For music buffs the set with its 1 GB memory, storing 250 songs comes as an ultimate gadget to prey on. It has easily-managed features to organize downloaded music, arranging them in the order of album name, song title, artist and genre, making it for effortless search and playback.

Its 1.3 Megapixel Camera, with Digital Zoom, Photo Effects, Photo Settings, Video Recording (MPEG4 & H263), Video Player, Wallpapers and Screensavers; and with SMS (Text Messaging), EMS (Enhanced Messaging) and MMS (Multimedia Messaging) utilities; the Samsung X830 , sometimes, would strum the right chord in the heart of its users.

This mini MP3 phone is also equipped with Embedded Java (TM) Games, and with Organizing tools like Phonebook, Calendar, Scheduler, To Do List, Short Cut, Clock, Worldtime, Alarm, Currency Converter, Calculator and Flight Mode - it equips the users to lead a hassle free life both in personal and professional capacity.

Moreover, the 'Mini MP3 phone' has Bluetooth connectivity supporting EDGE, USB and GPRS. It comes in six different color choices - oasis blue, candy pink, black, pure white, orange and lemon green.

The X830, also known as the Samsung SGH-X830 or as the Samsung Blush comes with a WAP XHTML Internet browser which allows the user to access the Internet from their mobile phone.