The Superman Theme For Your Phone

Super heroes have never failed to capture the attention and inspire the imagination of people. No age is immune to the appeal that super heroes have. Perhaps the most popular and most loved super hero is the Man of Steel himself. Born out of the Great Depression, the Great White Plains daught, and World War II, Superman is considered to be the greatest hero of all time. Created in 1938 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superman became the "champion of the oppressed." People of those times were truly able to connect with the idea of ​​someone who would lift them out of their misery. Thus, a legend was born.

Over the decades, Superman's popularity just continued to rise. More and more comic books were written. TV shows, cartoons, movies, and all sorts of merchandise were produced. As a testament to the pervasiveness of the Superman culture, even technology has not escaped.

With the advent of text messaging and multimedia cell phones, various options for cell phones have become very popular. Ringtones are perhaps the most bought for add-ons to cell phones. Anyone who has had a multimedia cell phone probably has used a Superman ringtone at least once. Different Superman series and movies have different music themes. Some of the most popular Superman ringtones are: "The Adventures of Superman" 1950 TV series, "Superman: The Movie" Theme, "Lois and Clark" TV Theme, "Super Friends" TV Theme, "Superman: The Animated Series" TV Theme, and "Superman: It's Not Easy" by Five for Fighting. From "Superman: The Movie," the "Krypton Theme" and the "Love Theme" are quite popular as well. You can find most of these as ringtones and download them to your phone.

In addition to all these exclusively Superman themes, you can also find ringtones from other cartoon series with Superman in them. Justice League has become a very popular cartoon series with all the super heroes put together. You are also sure to find ringtones from the Justice League.

Of course there are different types of ringtones. You can have your pick – monotones, polyphonic tones, real tones. Superman sounds need not be defined to ringtones. Different cell phone functions can be accompanied by different sounds, much like with the computer. You can download such sound effects for your cell phone and enjoy hearing them anytime you use your phone.

More than sounds, cell phones satisfy the sight as well. Feast your eyes on various Superman pictures and scenes and set them as your wallpaper. Some phones allow operator logos. You can opt to download a Superman operator logo.

Of course, if you are really that much of a Superman fan, then the best thing for you to do is download a whole Superman Theme for your cell phone. With the Superman Theme, you get everything you want in one whole package.Ringtones and sound effects are all incorporated within the theme. Your wallpaper and screen savers are also included. More so you can get all sorts of Superman graphics for your cell phone. Icons and color schemes related to anything Superman will certainly satisfy your super hero craving.