How to Remove Hair Dye From Bathrooms and Bathroom Tiles

If you have recently dyed your hair and managed to get some hair color on your bathroom tiles or your bathtub, there are a number of things you can try to remove.

Before you begin you should remember that you do not want to take any of the enamel of the coating on your tile. Porcelain and ceramic tiles often have a high gloss color that you do not want to harm. If you do, your tiles will look matted and worn. You can also scratch them.

Also, be sure to make a test patch on a small area on an invisible or invisible tile. (Better yet, use a tile that is not on your bathroom wall – at the Builder Superstore we recommend that you add 10% of your order above to find out spare parts, breakages and replacements.)

– If you can, wipe as much of the hair color of the bathroom plate or bath as it occurs. Spray with hair spray and dry.

-If you have hair dye stains in your bath, fill the bath with water and bleach and allow yourself to soak overnight. (Keep the area well ventilated).

-You can buy special products such as scrubbing bubbles (used in many salons) or Magic Eraser. (Be sure to do test patches).

-If you have marble tiles in your bathroom, you can use alcohol to remove it.

– Peroxide gel or a bleach pen can also be used to remove hair dye from porcelain or ceramic tiles.

-You can also buy (at a high cost) color remover from a hairdresser. This is used to remove hair color, so it can also work on your tiles.

-Carette ash mixed with some water has also been cited as a useful method for removing dyes from plates.

– If you have hair color in your tile, this can easily be returned to the top. Be sure to seal the grout to ensure that it is waterproof.

-Do not use lemon juice.

With everything, be sure to seek professional opinion, try patches and follow the manufacturer's instructions.