How to Personalise Your Fish Tank and Give it the Wow Factor

Regular fish, uninspiring layout, all of these help make the nation's fish tanks quite dizzying and invasive. We have lived with the luxury of having our own little aquatic world as long as it becomes a passé and pedestrian.

I will try to shoot the creative juices and bring your fish tanks to life! Inject a little style and personality to make an entertaining point of contact.

So what am I talking about? Well I had more experience than most with aquariums. My father used to grow tropical fish so that I have countless hours under my belt to visit many fish farms and garden centers in different countries. I have seen many examples of fresh water and marine aquariums, both commercial and domestic, and while a small number have drawn my interest almost everyone looks like the owners have as much creativity as the fish inside.

Let's take an example of a father who wants to buy a regular fish tank for his family home. He will probably have taken his children to some garden centers and made sure that they rushed up to the aquariums with the fish from Finding Nemo, or some funny look like a crab or puffer, then wow at the unusual ones like Discus and sting rays. He has a word with the staff and realizes that he is better with fish that is easier to care for, so it goes for some cheap and happy.

Next up is the aquarium itself. They are quite expensive, so some thoughts about a modern art masterpiece are far from his mind. Rectangular? Yes. Wooden cupboard? Yes thank you.

Finally, what to do with it? Well, let's see. I bought the aquarium and the fish from the same store, so let's look inside. Gravel? Verify. Stone? Verify. Background image of plants on it? Verify. Done. Man, so easy …

OK, so now you have an identical fish tank that disappears next to an exciting sofa. The children have been bored with it and no longer feed the fish. You have had enough to change water, clean the tank, etc. What to do to get some life back in it?

The most obvious option is to go on a theme. This depends on which decorations you can take care of, but what about Atlantis or Bermuda Triangle (aircraft)?

Most importantly, remember that fishing safety comes first. Do not paste anything on the glass that can stress them out, or put anything in the water that can be toxic to them. Go to some of the forums and ask some experts for advice if you're not sure.

The cabinet or stand usually comes in all colors as long as they are black. No, I'm joking. They also have white and brown (how exciting). Have you ever thought about adapting it? After all, it is completely separate from the tank itself so that you can adapt it without damaging the fish. Just remember that it must be strong enough to support the weight. How about spray painting it, stenciling, painting or decorating?

For the aquarium background, ever thought of adding one of your own pictures there? You can print an image on a large photo paper (or collect several smaller ones).

For the inside of the aquarium you can look at nature for inspiration. A forest stream, a beach, a river bed, a quiet lake or even watch the world around you, the concrete towers, the cars, the toys, etc. … Have you ever been to London's aquarium? It's not that impressive, but they still have some nice touches like the screen that looks like a dusty lady and the legs in the piranha tank. You can use silicone sealants to glue some glass together and add different layers to your fish tank (such as a beach or a cave).

You may find that because they have more angles and creases to flame in and out, the fish can even be happier. It's not that difficult to personalize your fish tank, and it doesn't have to be expensive. Be creative and resourceful, maybe even think about redecorating it after a few years, and the aquarium will get a new lease of life.