How to Make PSP Themes by Yourself Using PSP Theme Creator

Making PSP Themes is very simple, but I noticed many people can not do that, so I'll give a little tutorial so you can make it by yourself.

There are 2 kinds you can make with PSP Theme Creator

1. PSP Wallpapers
2. PSP Themes

Although the result is with same extension called .ptf, but its different things

1. PSP Wallpapers have background but the icon is standard from PSP theme creator

2. PSP Themes have background and all of icon created by yourself

To make the backgrounds and Icons I recommend use Adobe Photoshop and to convert into .ptf format we need PSP Theme Creator, you can have it free, just searching through Google search to find it

Here is the 3 simple step to make PSP Wallpapers:

1. The first thing you need is the background or wallpaper for your PSP, with photoshop open image which you like, resize image to 480×272 pixels, and then save as in BMP / bitmap format, resize again image to 300×170 pixels, save as BMP format, now you have 2 image with different size, 480×272 pixels for background and 300×170 pixels for preview image

2. Finished with background, we still need 1 icon for preview icon, you can make preview icon from your image, just crop the image with crop tool in photoshop as you like, resize it to 16×16 pixels, and then click tab File> Save for web> change output format in PNG-8> Save

3. Now after we make wallpaper for background and icon for preview icon, we ready to convert them into PSP Wallpaper, just open PSP theme Creator, click tab information and write some Title, product ID, and Version for your Theme, then click tab Wallpaper> open 480×272 pixels bitmap image which has been made before, click tab Other> open the PNG icon for preview icon and 300×170 pixels image for preview image, the last step click click File> Export> Save was converted into .ptf extenxion, it means The theme has been made and the files ready to put on your PSP. Congratulations!