Glamor Interior Design Style

Glamor style in interior design is very tempting to implement in a home: it is luxurious, rich and beautiful. An entire interior plan can be made around this style or just small glamor pieces can be added to an existing interior to set the tone and make an interior seem more expensive. Whatever you choose, these are the basics of the glamor decor type.

Glamor decor is the opposite of minimalism. There is wealth and abundance of accessories. It comes from many sources and erases, such as art deco, baroque, gothic style, eclectic style and many more. It can be traditional or modern.

The simple question of how to paint walls is not so simple anymore when you have decided on glamor style. Think of wallpapers with ornamental or shiny patterns on at least one wall in the room. Damask patterns work well on the walls.

The furniture needs to have fairly complex lines and curves. Sofas or armchairs can be modern and simple but then more accessorizing is needed, therefore more traditional furniture will look better. The offices, tables, bookshelves and other furniture should have lacquered, mirror-like surfaces. The shape can be geometric or abstract, depending on the direction you want to go with your interior. Materials used can be glass or dark wood (glamor interiors are usually dark).

Glamor decor uses many metallic elements: gold, silver, copper. Transparent home decor accessories can also work, such as transparent desk lamps. Abstract pieces of metallic silver or gold will compose well with the surroundings. Wall art can also have a little metallic effect in it. It's about surplus.

Textiles are another important feature of glamor interior style. The interior must be filled with pillow covers. They can be metallic, but also furry, leathery, patterned, silky. Carpets can be fluffy or rather ordinary with damask or animal patterns.

Lighting is crucial for the glamorous space we design. First and foremost, ceiling lamps are expected to be chandeliers or modern variations on chandeliers. You should also bring sconces and desk lamps into the interior. After all, much light is needed to reflect in painted furniture, metallic artwork and mirrors. Second, place light in each room. The long ones are very elegant when placed in a beautiful metallic candlestick.

In addition to regular furniture, such as sofas, armchairs and tables, it is excellent to have ottomans, benches, chaise lounges or puffs. They must also be artificial and curvy. Ideally, they would be padded and padded with faux fur, velvet or plush.

Of course, personal things must be put in boxes and elsewhere. Glamor interiors enjoy having exaggerated decorations but nothing more; otherwise it will be messy. Such interiors should not be cozy.

Good luck with design and decoration planning!