Game Design Artist

The design of a video game is what may first catch the eye of a potential buyer. A person walking by may stop and take a closer look at the graphics presented on the box. It may just be appealing enough for this person to reach down, grab it, and buy it. This is the work of a game design artist. This is the person who gives a game the stunning and meticulous details, as well as the realism of the characters and background you see, to make it an interactive experience which some may play for hours on end.

Game design artists are charged with making the concepts, backgrounds, and characters in a video game. They use their talents and skills to create artwork which matches the concept of the game. This is not a job they do alone, however. The artists meet with the creators and developers, as well as other industry people, to brainstorm ideas and come up with the right concept for each game they design for.

Typically, game design artists need to meet certain educational requirements in order to gain a career within the field. Employers may look for someone who is college educated, often with a degree which allows them to study art, graphic design, and related courses. With the knowledge of colors, design, and other art mediums, someone interested in game design may be able to find a suitable career in the field. By going to school and learning a degree, these individuals may be able to develop the skills and techniques needed to make a chart-topping video game.

The job outlook for those wanting to enter the video game industry is somewhat slower in terms of growth when compared to other careers. Within this decade, there will be about an 8% growth. However, those with the passion and drive to become a game design artist may be able to still obtain a job they desire. For those in the field, the average salary is around $ 58,510 per year *. This may vary depending on location, experience, etc.

Due to the increase in mobile and online games, there may be more opportunities for game design artists. Gaming is as popular as it has ever been and there does not seem to be any signs of that letting up any time soon. Those who wish to pursue a career in the video game industry should earn the proper education and work their way into getting the job they may have been dreaming of.