Customise Your Home – Wall Decals That Will Make Your Home Unique

The last decade has wrought a sea of change in the way we style our homes. Whereas in the nineties we slavishly followed the style of the minimalist show home and aimed to make our homes carbon copies of gleaming magazine shoots, the latter half of the noughties has led us to a much more individual style.

In the world of fashion, Gok Wan’s flair for customising has caused a revolution in the way we put together an outfit. The fashion-forward no longer try to match all their accessories but rather attempt a colourful, eclectic, often boho ensemble that they won’t find replicated when they hit the high street.

Similarly the design savvy consumer tries to make a statement of individuality in their own home. So, we see vintage finds rubbing alongside IKEA basics, shabby chic mixed with modernist pieces and glossy finishes next to recycled, eco-friendly materials.

The benefits of minimalism have not been forgotten; light filled spaces using white paint and wooden floors are now often used as a perfect backdrop for splashes of colour, chintz and retro/vintage styling. The following decade will take this further with great new products available to help us put our personal stamp on our homes. The feature wall will move from the noughties’ cliche of just one brightly painted wall to include pattern and highly individual images. Wallpaper has already put in a strong appearance. We have seen beautiful contemporary designs offered by companies such as Cole & Sons and Osborne & Little. Often inspired by vintage wallpapers but increased in scale they can be stunning, but in our desire for something new they are already beginning to seem a little predictable when used on a feature wall.

The tens will bring us more unusual art wallpaper from young designers such as Lizzie Allen and Dupenny. Even more exciting is the opportunity to create large digital wall murals; no repeating patterns, just one huge image of our own choosing. Whether its a stock photo, an iconic pop art image or a picture of our own, this will guarantee a unique home.

A strong trend for the tens is the silhouette. A strong black image on a pale background is bang on trend for this season. The easiest way to create this is on the wall is to use Wall Stickers. Wall decals or wall stickers are the perfect recession-proof method of adding a striking image to a room at very little expense. Vinyl wall decals use a durable high grade matte finish vinyl which gives a painted look and feel to the wall. They are self adhesive making them easy to apply and remove so perfect for quickly creating impact.

Most importantly, there’s no need to be poo-faced and take it all too seriously! Have fun with design. Add a new dimension to your home and make it feel like yours.