Anna Kournikova's Favorites – Learn About Anna Kournikova's Lifestyle and Personality

Anna Kournikova has so far been the most famous female athlete the world has ever seen. In fact, she can't do as the best tennis player, but she has pulled the whole world behind her because of her beauty and glamor. She gained great popularity through several television series, series and films.

As with any other person in the world, Anna Kournikova also has several favorites and hobbies. Some of the beautiful ex-tennis pros hobbies include watching TV, listening to music, dancing, swimming, reading, partying and also love playing ice hockey during leisure time. When she happens to visit some country, it's her hobby to collect the popular dolls from that country. She loves to spend her time on the beaches. She also loves animals, art and fashion. Tokyo, London, Paris and New York are her favorite places to visit.

Orange juice is said to be Anna Kournikova's favorite drink and chocolate is not surprisingly her favorite dessert. Steak and Sushi are her favorite food. Apart from Tennis, she likes to play basketball, golf and hockey. She has her ear for Bush, Elton John and Madonna. She loves to spend her free time in the grass. Black is her favorite color and "Overhead" is her favorite tennis shot. Coming to the tennis tournaments, Wimbledon and Roland Garros are her favorite tournaments so far. Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Friends and Melrose Place is her favorite television show, Austin Powers is her favorite movie.