A Brief History of Silk Flowers

The History of silk flowers began before the 12th century crediting the Chinese for being responsible in their creation, and in the 12th century, Italy was making artificial blooms using the dyed cocoons of silkworms, improving on the silk flowers. The English settlers bought it to America and from the 14th century to the 18th century, France was at the forefront of artificial flower making. Because of the French Revolution, some French artists left for England, and from England the art of silk flower making would reach America during the 19th century.

The term "permanent botanicals" became the term most florist used for silk and other artificial flowers for many years. Florist and gardeners looked up the artificial flower as an inferior product due to the poor manufacturing quality.

Today silk flowers are as unique as the quality of fine aged wine. Silk and other artificial flowers that are manufactured today are as breathtakingly real and must be touched to feel their quality and compare them to nature's own. Silk flowers are so well crafted one would never guess the authenticity. Manufacturers have tired to recreate the beauty of perishable flowers and mass production of the "plastic flower" that kept the interest in artificial flowers at an unusually low point in history.

Most "silk" flowers today are from the cotton / polyester blend fabrics that hold color dyes, retain their textures and display well, excepting any manufactured product from the past. Some high quality flowers are hand painted to give that illusion of real blooms and stems, shapes and colors pleasing to everyone.

• A flower arrangement changes the color and feel of any room for a reliably small investment.

• The improved manufactured quality of the silk flowers over the years help the home decorator to create an arrangement that will enhance the look and feel of any home.

• Floral arrangements are a well-balanced mix of flowers and stems with real flowers are enough to satisfy the individual host.

Creating a silk floral design can be as exciting as creating any arrangement made with real flowers. The quality of flowers today will surprise and delight the most skeptical. Today, the silk flower arrangement is available for a weddings bouquet, an anniversaries surprise, or a birthday treat, or even a holiday arrangements centerpiece to create that feeling of pleasure for everyone. Why not stop by a craft shop to pick up a holiday table showpiece and see the reaction of family and friend.

Stop and take a look at the arrangements the next time you are in a store, craft shop, or even in a restaurant or office building to help you appreciate the quality of a silk flower arrangement of today.