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10 Worst Spyware Threats

Spyware is the thing we all dread. Installations of spy ware can wreak havoc with your computer. In bad cases it can get to the point where your computer is struggling to turn on let alone do anything useful. Spy ware is a nuisance but there are different grades of ...

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The Art of Tactful Business Communication

Communication has long been the unifying thread that has held humanity and social structures together. It is the most intuitive medium that we use for the transmission or propagation of ideas. And while communicating at home with our family or friends can look reasonably candid and informal, business communication brings ...

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Sadequain's Art – Influences and Inspirations

Sadequain is a great thematic painter of Pakistan. He has worked in various styles ranging from linear to 'painterly' ones. Since he is a thematic painter with personal and individual observations of life, he opts to depict grotesque elements from inner and outer world, to find truth and reality. In ...

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