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Indian B2B Clients – An Insight on Procurement Behavior

Although a common man might see consumer market much larger than business-to-business market place. In fact, B2B is much more larger than B2C markets. Whether we talk about commercial markets, trade industries, government organizations or institutions, all are involved in B2B transactions, either directly or indirectly. Some firms focus entirely ...

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Understanding VoIP Phone Service

Understanding VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a comprehensive identification for a family of communication technologies used for the conveyance of voice and or data communications when routed through IP networks such as the Internet or separate packet-switched data networks. Shared terms associated to VoIP may be recognized as: ...

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Brrrrng – Limited Edition Cell Phones Are Calling

Everyone in the world looks to have a mobile phone now. How could you survive without one, right? There's people to see, places to be, things to do. And in an "instant gratification" kind of world, you need to talk to people – right now – in order to make ...

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